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Vesa Norilo

Researcher, Musician, Developer

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InstrumentsCello, wooden flute, piano
AudioRecording, mixing, mastering

I get pretty much anything done with computers, audio equipment or musical instruments. In addition, I have experience in academic writing and making websites.


University of the Arts Helsinki

2016D.MusMusic technology
2009M.MusTraditional music
2006M.MusMusic technology

I studied music technology, including studio recording, live sound, electroacoustic music and music production, as well as traditional music with the cello as my main instrument.

My dissertation was on Kronos, a programming language and a compiler for generating efficient digital instruments and effects quickly and easily.


2017-2020Postdoctoral ResearcherAcademy of Finland
2018Machine Learning Consultant
National Broadcaster
2017Senior DeveloperYousician Ltd.
2014-2015DSP ConsultantRemedy Entertainment Ltd.
University of the Arts
Music Technology
2000-MusicianCello, flute and piano

I have worked in the academia as well as the private sector. I have taught signal processing, programming, recording arts and the cello at the university level.

I undertook a 3-year post-doctoral research program with funding from the Academy of Finland, during which I developed a programming language, compiler and a visual programming surface that aims to help musicians create digital instruments and effects. The project included stays at the Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh, and Griffith University at Brisbane.

At Yousician, I worked on the core application team for an award-winning music education technology app.

I wrote the real-time audio processing algorithms for Quantum Break, a major AAA release from Remedy, Finland's largest game studio.

All the while I have maintained a career in performing arts with several bands and two Emma nominations.


Circuit for sinusoid synthesis

My dissertation and post-doctoral project dealt with the problem of helping musicians create signal processing algorithms for their artistic purposes. I developed a programming language called Kronos and a visual interface, Veneer.

You can try the technology in your browser at 🔗

Quantum Break gameplay

I can also develop any audio algorithms you may need; as an example, I created the time-manipulation processors for Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment.

Get in touch and let's talk about your project!


Would you like a bespoke iOS app? Over the years I have shipped multiple mobile apps for the Apple platform. Get in touch and let's talk about your project!

Music Education Apps

I was part of the core application team at Yousician, an acclaimed music education app for mobile and desktop.

Guitar chord training in YousicianYousician

I was the sole developer for two early music education apps developed by the Sibelius Academy and TEKES.

Tempo Primer LE is an interactive metronome app that can record your playing and play it back to you faster or slower.

Tempo Primer LE app

Pitch Primer was designed to help musicians improve their pitch and intonation.

Pitch Primer app

Virtual Soundwalk

vusaa creates a virtual urban sonic acupuncture intervention in the public space by sensing elements existing in the place the user is in. A generative system is set in motion generating a sonic acupuncture specific to the given conditions the user is at every moment by using the microphone to listen to the environment, the camera for luminance sensing, the clock; and the GPS data.

Virtual Urban Sonic Acupuncture App

Machine Learning

Equalizer structure

In a recent project I applied machine learning to the problem of black-box modeling a non-linear audio pipeline for the purpose of emulating the sound of radio airchains for Yle, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company.

Equalizer structure

The model could learn and emulate equalizers, compressors, de-essers and multi-band dynamics.

Could you benefit from audio machine learning? Get in touch and let's talk about your project!


Hereä performing

Listen to us on Spotify or watch a live concert on YouTube.

Hereä is a ethnic-jazz fusion ensemble near and dear to my heart.

I have the priviledge of playing together with Aili Ikonen on vocals, Milla Viljamaa on piano and Sara Puljula on percussion.



We have a brand new album out!

Eva-trio is a acoustic trio focusing on the Finnish classics with a new twist. I am joined by Anna-Karin Korhonen on kantele and Essi Wuorela of Rajaton fame on vocals.

Eva has toured extensively in our native Finland, including the Helsinki Festival, as well as in Germany and Canada.

Duo Lily Neill & Vesa Norilo

Watch us on YouTube!

I have played together with Lily since 2006, as we've embraced the musical possibilities of the harp and the cello and developed a repertoire of music from around the world.

We have performed at festivals such as Etno Espa in Helsinki, The Phil Murphy Weekend in Carrig-on-Bannow, London’s Royal National Theatre and more.


This cheap console is totally just for the visuals.

I turn your multitrack recordings into big and natural-sounding mixes with real sonic impact, no matter if you have a Pro Tools session or just a bunch of tracks.

Get in touch and let's talk about your project!

Example Work

Karuna: Bon Voyage

Eva-trio: Nocturne

Hereä: Musta perhonen



Recording sessions should flow quickly and effortlessly, in a safe and relaxed environment. I can handle the engineering and let you concentrate on your music, no matter if you prefer a studio live session or an elaborate multitrack production.

I can work with you on determining the optimal space for the realization of your project. I can work in a broad range of environments from concert halls to studios, and bring a small selection of high quality microphones to augment the mic cabinet.

Get in touch and let's talk about your project!

Example Work

Classical string orchestra
Timo Alakotila: Fughetto, performed by Vox Artis

Kirjava Lintu: Tuuli nukahtaa

Milla Viljamaa: Gentle Rush


I specialize in acoustic music and remote, cost-effective delivery of DDP images or digital releases from album masters.

Album master in progress

I can also help you get on the major digital distribution services including Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Get in touch and let's talk about your project!

About Me

My parents somehow got me playing the cello at the age of five. For a long time I thought it was a waste of time, but 20 years later I found myself practicing for my conservatory diploma.

celloPhoto courtesy of Tarja Prüss

I also got into programming early at the tender age of 8 when my family got a 386-class IBM PC clone from my father's work. It had a GW-basic interpreter that would crash into the DOS prompt if you accidentally pressed shift-four on the Finnish keyboard layout.

Later I saved up my pocket money to purchase Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 and later Turbo Assembler so that I could write 32-bit machine code for the 80386 (real mode).

Screenshot from Aleshar: the World of Ice

That was enough to complete my first big project, a shareware video game some 25 years ago ago. I also got into tracker music and the demoscene; all this interests later merged when I started studying music technology.

I also enjoy cooking and dabbled my way up to the sho-dan black belt in the Japanese martial art of Shorinji Kempo.Shorinji Kempo Logo

This is my family: me, Roi and LottaFamily selfie